Pushing the boundaries of architectural media

Architectural integration, system design, manufacturing, installations, maintenance

Our media spectaculars are best-in-class because they are built on and run our proprietary technology.

Beyond integrating widely available products into our displays, we have designed our arrays and drivers in-house, resulting in exceptional light quality as well as optimized performance, price, energy efficiency, and durability.

Our ecosystem of mobile and web software is remarkably easy to use and more powerful than off-the-shelf options. It’s a premium user experience for every customer at every touchpoint.



A content playback system that scales seamlessly

Flexibility and scalability are often the greatest challenges in creating a seamless media display. We built SVRunner from the ground up to meet these challenges and create an intuitive interface for people with little to no content scheduling experience.

From real-time generative art to interactive content and rendered video, SVRunner is capable of running a wide variety of media. SVRunner’s cloud-based content management system can be accessed from anywhere, allowing for last-minute editing on-the-go. SVRunner features a comprehensive API that integrates with external systems, making the creative possibilities practically limitless.

Built with the future in mind, SVRunner scales seamlessly. Extended functionality through custom interfaces and third-party integrations allows users to achieve a variety of project-specific goals. The system also features programmatic advertising sales, unlocking the ability to instantly and automatically sell ad space directly to brands, agencies, and the public.


SVR Server

A scalable, cross-platform media server

SVR Server can be deployed in local networks, private networks, or cloud environments, allowing the service to scale to the needs of the project.

  • Web based application
  • Digital content management
  • Generative content scheduling
  • SVR Player management
  • Automatic video transcoding
  • User authentication / role-based access
  • Failover capabilities
  • Proof-of-Play logging and reporting
  • Full-featured API for endless integrations
  • Visual screen setup

SVR Player

A scalable, high-performance media player

SVRunner can deliver ultra high-resolution content to large-scale displays through a powerful media player pipeline.

SVR Player has a powerful 3D video engine that scales with hardware configurations, allowing the use of high-power workstations for demanding projects. SVR Players can be synced together to achieve seamless playback.

Equipped with a real-time graphics engine and a programming environment, the SVR Player can transform from a simple digital signage player into a full-fledged show control server, offering real-time control of on-screen content as well as external A/V systems.

  • High-resolution video (up to 16K on a single system, up to 64K on a chained setup)
  • Top frame rates (30/60/120/240 fps) for pristine live action, animation, and ultra-slow motion material.
  • Industry standard video codec support (H.265/H.264/HAPQ)
  • Custom, software-controlled pixel mapping for complex screen scenarios
  • 50+ simultaneous streams of HD content on a single system
  • Real-time generative content using native graphics
  • Web content playback
  • Astronomical clock-based brightness control system
  • Sensor input capabilities
  • 3D previsualization
  • Complete scripting and custom programming options

Freeform LED Products

Inspiring architects to build with light

We were early advocates for meticulously wrapping architecture in digital art. StandardVision’s freeform transparent veils offer incredible flexibility, capable of forming complex three-dimensional curves and varied levels of transparency. Our systems approach 98% power efficiency and run on DV power, reducing cost of operation and infrastructure.

  • Transparent Veils
  • Matrix Display Modules
  • Accent Lighting
  • Custom Media Objects