New platforms for art in the 21st century

Creating and curating large-scale digital art in public spaces

Over a decade ago, StandardVision pioneered record-breaking architectural media displays in Asia and the Middle East. In the process, we formed partnerships with a global network of artists that continues to produce unprecedented digital artworks for large-scale displays.


Art Production

Custom productions for unique platforms

One-of-a-kind digital canvases deserve one-of-a-kind content. StandardVision’s art team works with clients to understand the setting and communication of the art experience. Our team then develops and produces content that supports the intent and tonal identity of our clients’ property.


Art Curation

Subscribe to art programming from our growing collection

StandardVision offers a rotating subscription of art programming, curated for each location, to maintain viewer engagement. Our curated collection of large-format content spans the genres of live-action, conceptual, generative, animation, interactive, and data visualization.


Art Licensing

Empowering artists to craft monumental visuals

We match our clients’ diverse, discerning tastes with accomplished artists from our global network and support them with our state-of-the-art production facilities and expertise in architectural media technology.


Art Community

Enlivening commercial spaces with cultural events

Our art curators enrich commercial spaces and bring people together with featured artist spotlights, StandardVision-produced feature films, and StandardVision-hosted art premiere events. We have worked with arts institutions like Freize, the Los Angeles Dance Film Festival, and SuperChief Gallery to provide groundbreaking content on our screens throughout the city.